The GA-HQ Final Fantasy Art Tribute - Those Who Fight Further

Fran the Viera  from Final Fantasy XII


Fran from Final Fantasy XII is a close friend of Balthier in the game and a very cool addition to the party there. She is not only a strong character, but also a pretty different female in the Final Fantasy history of many cute girls.

Fran FFXII Screenshot

Its great to see this strong character as one of the first twenty protagonist and illustrated by three artists from the Game-Art-HQ Community for our big Final Fantasy Art Collaboration.

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 Fran the Viera  from Final Fantasy  XII, drawn for Final Fantasy – Those Who Fight Further

by Keikilani, Hybridmink and Inside-Joke


Fran Fan Art Final Fantasy XII

 Why did you choose Fran?

 Fran is possibly one of my favorite female Final Fantasy characters of all time. Not only is she beautiful, she’s strong willed and won’t back down from a fight or take abuse from anyone. Even though she’s strong, though, she’s also very sensitive and harbors a deep love for her sisters Mjirn and Jote, as well as the Wood where she grew up. She’s a deep character with many emotions and qualities that make her both mysterious as well as grounded and sensible.

I love her partnership with Balthier the self-proclaimed “Leading man.” He acts tough, but he truly values and trusts Fran’s opinions, and likewise she does the same for him. The two of them stand on equal ground with each other and both hold the other in high regard.


What do you like about Fran and about FFXII?

Final Fantasy XII was my first numbered Final Fantasy game. As such, it holds a special place in my heart. When I was fifteen, I spent a whole summer playing it from beginning to end, going on all the side quests, defeating all the marks, and basically immersing myself in the world of Ivalice. To this day, Final Fantasy XII remains my favorite amongst the numbered Final Fantasies, despite what others may think of it. I loved the world and all of the characters.


What tools did you use for the artwork?

I’m mainly a digital artist so I used a Wacom “Create” Tablet and an art program called Easy Paint Tool SAI. I don’t have a desktop so I painted it on my laptop.


Please describe your take on her

Well, during the course of the game, you rarely ever see Fran smile. Oh, sure, you get the occasional smirk or two, but you hardly ever see a genuine smile. I wanted to draw her smiling.


Is there something else you want to tell the visitors of the Final Fantasy Art Tribute on GA-HQ?

The Final Fantasy series had a big impact on me growing up during middle school and high school. They helped me during a really stressful time in my life and gave me places I could escape to and forget my worries, have fun, and go on adventures in other worlds. Final Fantasy XII in particular was the one I played most, and my favorite to revisit over and over again.

To those who haven’t played the Final Fantasy Series, I implore you to give them a try. You never know, you could end up finding yourself on a thrilling adventure.

Artwork and description of it by Keikliani

About the Artist:

Keikliani is a hobbyist from the USA and participated in Link’s Blacklist with multiple submissions before her submission to our Final Fantasy Art Tribute!


Fran Fan Art FFXII

 Fran’s design is really unique and she was one of my favorite characters in FFXII.

Also I have a soft spot for dark skin and white hair. FFXII itself is one of my favorites in the series since it took a lot of the things I liked in an MMO, but made them work for a single player game. Gambits were a great way to manage your team.

As combat became more tedious, your preset actions would do more of the work for you.

For the art, I used PaintTool SAI for the lineart, Corel Painter for the coloring, and Photoshop for effects/touchup/etc.

She’s a cool character and was fun to draw. If nothing else, I wanted to get her nose right. I’m pretty happy with it.


Artwork and description of it by Hybridmink

About the Artist:

Nick “Hybridmink” Savino from the USA is a professional artist and a long time member of the Game-Art-HQ Community now. He participated in multiple of our art tributes including the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary among others.



Why did you choose Fran?

 Quite simply, I always thought she looked damn cool. he always seemed rather out of placed compared to the other characters in the game to me, but it seems to work in her favour; she’s interesting, as is her design.


What do you like about Fran and about FFXII?

She was my favourite part of FFXII. Being able to choose her as the forefront of your party was great; loved her attacks, thought she worked well in any group.


What tools did you use for the artwork?

Monoprice tablet in Manga Studio 5


Please describe your take on her

She sticks out from the rest of the FFXII bunch, that’s for sure; even daresay from other FF characters.

I guess she is a bit stoic, and there’s an allure to that. Her armor is so intricate; from her character to her design, she’s just pretty interesting.



Artwork and description of it by Caitlin Lane

About the Artist:

Caitlin Lane is a currently (November 2013) 22 year old artist from Canada and joined the Game-Art-HQ community back in 2012, Fran is her third contribution to one of our art tributes, she also participated as the so far only female artist in our Beat’em Up Tribute with a submission about TRON Evolution and also contributed one of the Beatrix (FFIX) illustrations for our Final Fantasy Tribute


The Final Fantasy “Those who fight further” Art Project is a tribute to the protagonists of the Final Fantasy series and an ongoing project with thirty more artworks for ten characters every 3-4 months, the next update will be released in October-November 2013!

Beside Fran the Viera the only FF XII characters drawn so far is Basch Fon Ronzenburg, click on the logo below to return to the main gallery of our new project!


Basch von Ronzenburg

The GA-HQ Final Fantasy Art Tribute - Those Who Fight Further