Kerrigan Fan Art by Ursula Dorada

Kerrigan from StarCraft was never featured on Game-Art-HQ since we started back in June 2011, time to finally change that with this simply awesome Speed-Painting by Úrsula “Sulamoon” Dorada a professional artist from brazil who also participated multiple times in our Legend of Zelda art Project “Link’s Blacklist”.


Kerrigan once was a human female but was invested by the Zerg race who invested her and somehow made her into this Hybrid of the Zerg Race and the Humans.Now she is the absolute Leader of the Zerg and a giant thread to her former friends.


Kerrigan’s character design which is loosely based on Medusa from the greek mythology gained high praise by many websites and after reading about her now in the Wikipedia, i must admit that i want to play StarCraft now 🙂