It has been a while since we featured anything Mass Effect related, so its time for a little “trilogy” of great fan art about three of the female Mass Effect characters by three very different artists.


Jack Mass Effect Fan Art by_amy wilkins
Amy Wilkins from the USA drew Jack / Project Zero a second time now after around a half year. This portrait of Jack took her 9 hours and was made with Photoshop.

Liara T'soni Mass Effect Fan Art by Eddy Shinjuku

Eddy Shinjuku from Malaysia, drew around 10 Mass Effect illustrations already ranging from Commander Shepard to EDI with many of them featured earlier on Game-Art-HQ . He wrote the following to describe this one:


“Initially I made Liara looking tormented and despair, but I figured it would be more tragic to make her looking optimistic for the return of Shepard. I figured giving her ‘neutral’ expression to create a sense of obscurity in the way viewer’s have to guess what she may feel.

Remember stories of pets eagerly awaits for their owner despite the owners had perished? Be it a pet dog in the recent Japan tsunami where it waits at the same spot for days for the return of the owner, or other stories like they await next to their owner’s grave hoping to play fetch again, etc. etc.

What makes it more depressing when Liara does this? She is a logical and intellectual individual who follows reasoning, facts and truth – rendered her beyond of logical thoughts to the point she awaits for Shepard and throw all possibilities that Shepard is no more should project a striking imagery.”


:bulletgreen: The SR-1 Normandy ship model next to Liara is a symbolical representative of Shepard.
:bulletgreen: I utilized distorted perspective, hence you can see the floor and ceiling in the field of view.
:bulletgreen: I tried to create contrast in colors that conveys a pretty much dead Normandy all dark and dim and a vibrant alien atmosphere outside.
:bulletgreen: instead of rewinding to past events, I try to squeeze forward in Mass Effect, thus this little epilogue, which seems like the most ‘updated’ possible event.

EDI Mass Effect Fan Art by Rubén Madrid

Rubén Madrid from Spain used the 3D model of EDI from Mass Effect 3 in XNA Lara to create this illustration of her and described it with the following:


“I am…alive” -EDI

“I’ve been wanting to do an EDI fanart with Tricia Helfer’s face since I knew “she” will get a body in Mass Effect 3. Galactica fans will know why ;)

While I was doing it, the Extended Cut come out, and totally loved the Synthesis ending epilogue with EDI’s speech. It was perfect for the concept I had, so I added a few things, like the blue/green color schemes and circuits. Hope you like it!

This is a mixture of 3D posing the model with Xnalara, photography edition and painting.”