The Mighty No. 9 is a Project by Keiji Inafune the original creator of MegaMan who left Capcom around 2 years ago after being dissapointed with the company for various reasons. Together with other developers including also the music composer of the classic Megaman games he started a kickstarter project called Mighty.No 9 which is basically the game, MegaMan fans are waiting for since around a decade or even longer.

Classic MegaMan gameplay, but combined with new ideas and the technology of today are making it a very promising game for many of us. The initial targets were reached very fast, and now it seems like it will be ported to all major platforms as well.

Mighty No. 9 is expected to get released in 2015 and MegaMan fans like myself can’t wait!

I myself pledged 20 bucks for this project and one of the GA-HQ contributors, Eric Ridgeway frew a whole series of Mighty No.9 Fan Art images already.

I believed that no matter how good the game is in the end, these fan arts deserve a special feature like this one on Game-Art-HQ, i asked Eric to desrbie his works and feelings about Mighty No.9 and Beck and well, just take a look at these artworks and what Eric has to say!

Mighty No. 9


The Mighty No.9 Fan Art by Eric Ridgeway

Mighty No 9 Art by Eric Ridgeway

Beck Tornado Stinger

Beck Mighty No. 8 Wallpaper by Eric Ridgeway

Beck Wallpaper

Mighty No. 9 Concept Art

“I don’t always know what to say regarding my work, so I just made a brief little message regarding MN9.
Truthfully, it would take pages and pages to share all my thoughts on it, so here’s the most concise breakdown:

I love modern games as much as anyone, but since I grew up with NES, I always like to see games that pay tribute to those 8-bit fundamental roots. Mighty No. 9 promises to be a masterful blend of old and new.

With the powerful visual styling guided by Keiji Inafune, it also has instantly classic and memorable characters. Beck has some pretty big boots to fill (literally and figuratively :P)) but with so much talent and experience working on this game, I’m confident that Mighty No. 9 will be the spiritual successor we’ve all been longing for.”

by Eric Ridgeway

Beck from Mighty No.9 by Eric Ridgeway




Mighty No. 2 Fan Art

Call from Mighty No.9 Fan Art

Call Concept #1

Call from Mighty No.9

Call Concept #2


Mighty No. 2 Fan Art

Mighty No. 2

Mighty No. 5 Fan Art

Mighty No. 5

Mighty No. 7 Fan Art

Mighty No. 7