Cute Team Fortress 2 Art with Pyro by_zartbitter_salat


This week i tried to expand my own horizon a bit and also increase the variation of fan art shown here. So i featured Dragon Age characters, a girl from the Japan only Zero No Kiseki game.Aand now there was this artwork which i liked on first sight and knew that it is from Team Fortress 2 which i never played, but had no clue about the whole Pyro and Believe in magic thing.


I mean..flying fat cats? A scenery like in Candyland and this guy in the foreground who oes somehow not fit into this fantasy landscape?


Meet the Pyro 

Meet the Pyro

Good i could ask Zartbitter-Salat which means something like gentle-bitter-salad, the German artist behind this piece what it is all about.

Instead of describing it to me in many words he send me the link to the official “Meet The Pyro” Youtube video ..and instead of describing this fan art here any further i recommend to take a look at this crazy and goddamn macabre video as well!

Loving the title of the image btw, Believe in Magic is an awesome song by the Lovin Spoonful from 1965