For unknown reasons, we did not have the Street Fighter X Tekken illustrations of Akuma on Game-Art-HQ yet, to change that and upgrade Akuma’s Gallery here we won’t just add the two artworks silently.

Akuma SF Sprite ArtInstead we also add his Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition artwork by Stanley “Artgerm” Lau as well as four quite awesome fan arts of Akuma!

To enlarge the illustrations of the “Raging Demon” just click on them like usual ūüôā


Akuma Gouki Street Fighter III TS Art

SF III TS Online Edition Artwork of Akuma

¬†Akuma’s Street Fighter X Tekken (2012) Illustrations

Akuma Gouki SFXT Art Gouki Akuma SFXT Art 

Four incredible artworks by fans about Akuma you should not miss:

Akuma Street Fighter IV 2nd Alt Fan Art by Mike Williams

Akuma  SFIV 2nd Alt

by Mike Williams

 Akuma Street Fighter Character Art by Jamal Campbell

SSFII Turbo Akuma

by  Jamal Campbell

Akuma Street Fighter by_darkeyez07

Akuma Matata

by Franklin Vincent

Akuma Portrait by Ben Scott

Raging Demon Portrait

by Ben Scott