Alien Soldier Sega Art by_zeusdex

As the latest part of our Blast from the Past series about art related to 15+ years old video games i present you this Alien Soldier fan art by ZeusDex from Russia who got featured with his illustration of Epsilon Eagle, the protagonist of Alien Soldier too.

Alien Soldier was released back in 1995 by Treasure for the Sega Genesis, today it is available on a few compilations of games by Sega too.

As you can guess from the screenshot, the game is a run (fly) and gun ..and a pretty fast one too in which you have to battle a ton of boss enemies like this snake / worm like creature which is of course able to spit a lot of lava at you.

It’s the boss of stage 22, the illustration by ZeusDex shows the moment when Epsilon Eagle encounters this thing and starts the battle against it.

Alien Storm is till today a very enjoyable game for fans of the genre, nice to see it being tributed through art!