ImBillPardy wanted to join the project, and he asked me

“Hey GBK, I want to be part of the Game-Art-HQ giant character thing, but surprise me with a character. I don’t care.”

I replied: Nimbus Terrafaux

ImBillPardy: Nimbus….WHO?!?


And then I showed him those two blurry fake screenshots from the 1993 EGM April edition (Nimbus was an April fool joke obviously)


ImBillPardy was like WTF..but he wanted to be surprised..and that’s something that I love to do

But ImBillPardy really did probably what’s possible with only those two screenshots as a resource to draw a whole character out of them.


Like in the small fatality screenshot he even made Nimbus fight against MK (1992) Kano


So yeah, big Kudos to youImBillPardy, you made even the Nimbus Terrafaux entry for the Project a worthy part of it!

He based him partially on Michael Jay White in the super funny movie “Black Dynamite

If The Netherrealm Studios will ever make a real Nimbus Terrafaux character..I hope he will look like the one in this picture



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