Aqua Cosplay KH by_narga_lifestream

Aqua from Kingdom Hearts by Narga Lifestream

Mileena the dangerous girl from Mortal Kombat, Hildegard von Krone from SoulCalibur, Lilith the Firehawk and one of the Sirens from the Borderlands games and last but not least Aqua from the Kingdom Hearts series got cosplayed with amazing results by the badass cosplayers Asher Warr from Russia, Maki-Chama from the Phillipines, Nebulaluben from Spain and Narga-Lifestream from Russia.

These girls are all amazing cosplayers, visit their own galleries on dA for a lot more works from them as well!


 Mileena Sexy Cosplay by_asherwarr

Mileena from Mortal Kombat 9 by AsherWarr

Hilde SoulCalibur Cosplay by_maki_chama

Hilde from SoulCalibur by Maki-Chama

Lilith the Firehawk Cosplay Borderlands Cosplay by_nebulaluben

Lilith from Borderlands 2* by Nebulaluben


* The picture is not manipulated. The cosplayer made that effect by painting the clothes and using make up too.