Nilin Art from Remember Me by Cyril Terpent

Remember Me was just released in June 2013 by the French developer Dontnod Entertainment for Capcom and featured the main protagonist Nilin who is a so-called “Errorist” in the game and needs to play through memories of her in the game.

A great concept, an interesting new character and a lot really great looking graphic effects can be found in Remember Me, but many reviewers also criticized the gameplay would be repetitive and the platforming not well designed sometimes.

Makes me wonder if WE will remember Nilin and the game 😉

The game is no blockbuster, but the art related to Remember Me is great for sure and was reason enough fro Cyril Terpent to illustrate Nilin. I recommend you to visit his whole gallery there on dA, he created many awesome artworks in the past!



2018 Update: Yeah, we forgot about Nilin pretty fast…