Over 90% of all websites / web-projects started are cancelled after a few weeks or months already, be they commercial, a hobby thing..a personal blog etc.

Game-Art-HQ.com  is not one of them and did survive 2 years now which saw art contests and art collaboration projects like Link’s Blacklist. Over 1000 artists are featured with their knowledge and permission on this mix of a blog about game related art, a database about video game characters and home of the mentioned art projects.

Its a nice coincedence that this website which was build up by me alone and is still a one-man project ( while i would love to get a real staff of editors together actually and someone who can design the site better than myself) also broke the 1 Million visits peak last month. Today, around 1.057.958 visits are counted by google analytics. 2.788.048 pageviews were made with both numbers raising faster with every month.

Due to a good handful of art projects going on right now, i don’t want to celebrate this with a sponsored (by me) art contest yet since i know that over 120+ artists are working on Legend of Zelda Bosses and Enemies,  The Virtual Worlds and the Final Fantasy Projects, the Doom 20th Anniversary Tribute or the Killer Instinct Art Contest on fighting-games-elite

Delayed is not cancelled however and that means that the previously discussed “Screenshot Art” Contest is a sure thing which will most likely start on the 4th August, and will end on the 15th september and will be sponsored with not less than 100 Euro by me. That are around 130 dollars (more or less).

As usual this contest is mostly meant as a challenge for everyone but also for fun.  Every game will be allowed of course, this is – as usual – not like one of those many art contests by individuals here on dA who use art contests to get a lot art for their personal favourite characters done. Game-Art-HQ.com is a hobby project by me and art contests are my way to use revenue made with the ads on the website.

Our dA group celebrates its 2nd anniversary on the 15th September btw. It has currently around 4600 watchers. Around 350 of them contributed their time and talent for Game-Art-HQ Art Projects!

Thanks everyone for being a part of Game-Art-HQ, especially to the Contributing members among you who help making Game-Art-HQ as cool as it is!

Spread the word about this website  if you lke it! And speaking about liking it..if you are on facebook you can like its fanpage here https://www.facebook.com/GameArtHQ

Greets everyone, lets see where we are in 3 more years!

Reinhold Hoffmann
Game-Art-HQ Founder