Oliver Ni No Kuni Fan Art by Hanzo Steinbach

Everyone who knows me and my game taste knows i am more of a fighting game fan and often like the violent stuff in video games.

When i first saw Ni No Kuni via a trailer i was captured by the phenomenal art style however, and bought this game when it launched here in Germany. And well..its an awesome game full with super cute characters, a nice battle system, a good story and really an outstanding rarely seen before style.

Hanzo Steinbach who is also from Germany, liked Ni No Kuni as well and drew Oliver and his two first friends he meets in the game. Hanzo is able to draw in a lot of different styles and just always delivers something great looking.

I can only recommend everyone who has a Playstation 3 and likes RPG games to play this game sooner or later, its for sure one of the best RPG’s released in this console generation!