After a lot articles lately about very known characters like Lara Croft, Mario, Sub Zero etc. i thought it is time for a fan art of a relative unpopular video game character again.

The girl here to the right is Ayame, one of the two playable main protagonists of Tenchu: Stealth Assassin’s a very dark and still cool third person game set in feudal Japan in which the player have mostly missions to infiltrate and assassinate..there are a ton of fun things possible though including many forms to kill and to sneak around there. The player has also a real arsenal of ninja weapons like different forms of dust and fog grenades and many more.

The game got a handful sequels but the last one was released 3 years ago already and the series got a bit stale with their 2-3 latest games.

Ayame however is a character i would love to see back together with Rikimaru someday..both would have been superb characters for a fighting game as well.

This fan art was drawn by ElecoMoroco in 2009 already. Game Art HQ will never be about the newest games and fan art only ūüėČ

Ayame Tenchu