It has been a good while since i featured cosplayers or their photographers, but after seeing some of the recent works of JennCroft from Australia i just add to break the chain of drawn fan art features here!

To create a costume which is looking like those a fictional characters is wearing in a video game alone is hard work already and in most cases really difficult to archive.

But whats a good costume worth on a photo if it was made on a random anime con and you see some fat guys in the back eating their burgers ..or random cars next to a SoulCalibur cosplayer group who did a great job but look totally out of place on images?

That’s where well chosen locations and tools like photoshop come into play to make a costume and the person wearing it not only looking like the fictional character- in this case Lara Croft from Tomb Raider (2013) – but the whole image looking like it is a screenshot from a Tomb Raider movie or a real event.

JennCroft from Australia archived to create such an image which i describe as cosplay art with this one here where the scenery looks like it could be from the new Tomb Raider or one of the older parts as well, the fog effects, the burning arrow and i guess some parts of the scenery were so edited that this is not your usual cosplay pic anymore.

Great work @ JennCroft, while cosplay alone is something damn cool already, it often looks bad on photos. Images like this are more like a mix between cosplay and traditional fan art which makes them something unique and often very beautiful.

This is just one of many cosplay photos by JennC, you can see her whole gallery and read more about her stuff on her website

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Lara Croft Cosplay Art by JennCroft