This is one of the roughly 2000 entries made for the Lara Croft Reborn contest by Square-Enix in Cooperation with deviantART.

It was a nice contest but goddamn..we saw 1550 same looking entries there varying mostly in quality while they all showed angry, scared, serious looking Lara with her Bow and either the Shipwreck, Trees or Skeletons like here in the background.

It was the most boring art contest i have ever seen in my life but i don’t rant about the missing creativity by the many artists.

This contest started when only  a handful trailers and promo artworks were shown of the game and Lara, and so the artists had only that as reference material.

No wonder the most of them draw the basically same thing..again and gain ūüôā

There were a few highlights featured in the contest though. Neither of them won anything and the winning pieces started many discussions among artists, both participants and artists outside critizised SE for the a bit random seeming decisions.

I will try to feature some of the more interesting entries of this contest here sooner or later.

While this Lara by Esau Murga can be sorted to the 1500 very same looking entries for the Lara Reborn contest, its still great (like the most entries).

In the end it did not make it into the contest because technical hurdles regarding the contest made me wonder how many artists beside Esau were affected by it.



New Lara Croft from Tomb Raider

Click to enlarge the Lara Croft fan art by Esau Murga