Darkstalkers Resurrection, a compilation of the older Darkstalkers games with online play and a few graphic changing options was released in 2013 and according to Yoshinori Ono that was just the first step to bring back the fan favourite  Darkstalkers franchise

This meant new fanart of the super sexy and super popular Morrigan Aensland of course, and the sweet succubi rarely looked better ūüôā

Eddy Shinjuku from Malaysia draw this Morrigan in March 2013 and had the following to say about his work:

“Mostly airbrushing is done here to achieve silky smooth and crisp illustration. Airbrushing is a technique that I practice a lot (digitally and automotive car painting) but never actually applied it in the past 20+ artworks, or a least dominantly – I want to resurrect this almost forgotten style of mine. Hope you guys like it, I may start producing more of this art-style if all is well.”

Check out his gallery on dA as well, Eddy draws video game characters since years!

Morrigan Aensland Succubus