Vanillaware the company behind games like Odin Sphere, Grimgrimoire and Murasama – The Demon Blade is known and respected today by a ton of gamers who care for beautiful 2d art in video games.

It is no wonder that many characters of their games, even minor enemies are getting drawn by fans worldwide who like the designs which move like animated art by themselfes in the games.

Momohime is one of those many characters and she is the main protagonist of Murasama, a fantastic looking beat’em up for the Nintendo Wii and a upgrade/sequel for the PSP Vita. Personally i wish both games would be available already for PSN.

Eduardo J. Pérez M. a great artist from Venezuela who contributed his talent multiple times already to our art projects like lately in our Castlevania Series Tribute created this take on Momohime and what can i say…its a beautiful and sexy illustration of a beautiful and sexy character 🙂