Hero's Shade Zelda Twilight Princess

 ..is a character which looks like he could be a Boss or enemy of Link and i asked UniqueLegend about using this illustration as part of our big Link’s Blacklist art project but another artist pointed me to the background of the Hero’s Shade and made it clear to me that he is probably Link himself and not an antagonist..so far to the background story how some of the artworks i am featuring here make it to this site 🙂

UniqueLegend from Australia is a big LoZ fan and created a ton of  beautiful fan art about Link, Zelda and the games but also participated in Link’s Blacklist already last year and is also participating in the second round which will be published here in mid May with probably over 60 new artworks. I don’t want to reveal a lot but i am glad that there will be many more artworks about the classic four Zelda games now in Link’s Blacklist..and even Ganon in his latest alliteration as part of the WiiU game Nintendo Land will make an appearance 🙂