I never played the Mass Effect games yet, but the Mass of fan art about the games is amazing. Especially since a lof of these illustrations about Garrus, Jack and of course Commander Shepard are most of the time very well drawn or rendered.

While there are a few comic/cartoon style artworks Ruthie Hammerschlag from the USA created a portrait series of the Mass Effect main characters ranging from Jack (Jaqueline Nought) here in her Mass Effect 3 look to guys like Javik, Thane and Samara.

This series of portraits is going to be featured here in the next weeks with an own article including an interview with Ruthie Hammerschlag as well

If this made you want to see more of Ruthies art already, you can see it here on her dA portfolio

Jack Mass Effect Portrait

Click to enlarge the portrait of Jack by Ruthie Hammerschlag