The Metal Slug series by SNK started in 1996 and till 2009 over 10 games were released, with 7 main series games ( last currently is Metal Slug 7 for the NDS and PSP) and a few spin off games.

With the exception of Metal Slug on the PS2, all games are 2D run and gun genre games much like the old Contra games.

They have a really good humor and the gameplay itself is / was awesome. And both the protagonists and villains were all well designed. I doubt we will ever have a lot to show for this gallery and the future of Metal Slug is sadly unknown..maybe we won’t see a new Metal Slug game in any time except made by fans.

Metal Slug Series 

Selected Metal Slug Series fan art featured on Game Art HQ:

Metal Slug Art by Alexandre Santantonio de Lyra

Metal Slug in a Nutshell!

Metal Slug Art by Francisco Rico Torres

The Protagonists