Samus vs Link

My bets are totally on Samus Aran from the Metroid Series in this Battle but Link from the Zelda Series has always one or another trick to overcome bigger, faster, more powerful enemies easily.

But Missile by Samus and the Hero of Time should be dead or? 🙂

This battle art by TheFreshDoodle from New Jersey was a commissioned work for him but also one he really liked to do since he played Super Smash Bros. a ton of times on his Nintendo 64 and so it was more a coincidence that he didn’t draw a Smash Bros related art for fun before yet. Anyway, this is great stuff and it looks awesome as a wallpaper too (perfect size with 1600×1035 for me) .

TFD shows a ton more fan art in this style and while its mostly related to Comics and TV Stuff it might be interesting for you anyway so check it out!