Dante from DMC

Click on the image to enlarge the “Haters Gonna Hate” Fan Art by CerberusLives

I am one of these haters, and did my part to heaten up the discussion about new vs old Dante in Devil May Cry / DMC on dA and here as well, but ignoring the new Dante and his design means also to miss a relative fun new game..with a nice dubstep soundtrack (yay) . I still think it should have been the start of a new series though with a different name for the game and the characters and a few tweaks to make it 100% unrelated to the Devil May Cry series…not that a lot would have to be done to achieve that anyway ūüėČ

Unrelated to my own stance however is the humor seen in the fan art by CerberusLives, a great artist who submitted a lot nice game related artworks to dA. Check out his gallery there!