Chrono Trigger Wallpaper

Click the Chrono Trigger Wallpaper Artwork by Robert Porter to enlarge it to its fullsize

Yesterday we had our first fan art on GAHQ about the Lunar RPG’s, today we continue with another premiere. Finally something abouzt the epic Chrono Trigger, one of the best 16bit RPG’s for sure and considered one of the best console type RPG’s by many fans ever.

Robert Porter from Chicago, also known as Robaato draw this fulminant wallpaper with the main characters (without Magus since he is an optional character) and makes me with this game would get a third sequel finally. It does not need to have awesome hd graphics etc. just make another game about time travelling, an epic story, awesome characters and the CT and CC gameplay again, do you hear me SquareEnix?

No..ya don’ let’s look forward to FFXIII-3 …yay =/