Devil Kazuya Mishima TTT2

There are many “Badass” character in the Tekken series today, but Kazuya Mishima is truly the original one with him being the main protagonist of Tekken I and throwing his own father Heihachi down the same cliff as he did before..when Kazuya was a kid.

Through the years Kazuya saw quite a few design changes and in Tekken Tag Tournament and its sequel TTT2 he can even transform himself to his “Devil” counterpart which adds moves like shooting a laser beam.

Chris Anyma from Italy draw Kazuya in this design which got no official illustration btw. and delivered an entry to the TTT2 Art Contest by Namco-Bandai which looks like made by the official artist himself or better with all the details there.

Its quite an awesome work and i saw that many people on deviantart wished hris that he would get the first prize in the contest.