Today we (yes WE!) work only on official game art stuff.


It is a bit sad, but Miday Games..oh wait..i mean the Netherrealm Studios & Warner Bros brang out a very good new Mortal kombat game in april, but their official MK 2011 website features only a few of the promotional character renders and wallpapers. At least one wallpaper there is even in the wrong folder or totally missing on their site because a mistake. Try to get the raiden wallpaper..instead you get the one from Sub Zero.


Whatever, nobody is perfect.. i myself either.. and our Mortal Kombat (2011) arent flawless as well (yet)


There you go for Mortal Kombat (2011) Character Renders, Concept Art and Arena Illustrations

There is also a MK 2011 Wallpapers gallery now, including the newest one for the new DLC character Rain



The next game featured on GA-HQ is Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny which got the same treatment as MK 2011 with a character renders gallery and the official wallpapers page here