Handsome Jack was one of the best video game villains of the last years with no doubt.

Since the start of my second visit to the planet Pandora and its “Borderlands” he entertained me and millions of other players until his end after the final battle against “The Warrior”

From Butt Stallion to his Grandma and his many evil plots to get rid of me, the vault hunter and the rest of the “bandits” in Sanctuary,¬† Handsome Jack delivered thousand reasons to hate him ūüôā

And to kill him..with a Pistol made by Hyperion of course.

If there is one badass video game villain who deserves a ton of illustrations and homages like this portrait by the Finish artist Lintufriikki it really is Handsome Jack!

Check out Lintu’s gallery on dA to see more Borderlands related fan art among much more!

Handsome Jack Portrait

Click to enlarge the Handsome Jack Portrait!