Gray Fox Metal Gear Solid Fan Art

Ever heard about Frank Jaeger?

Probably not..but if you played Metal Gear Solid, the name Gray Fox might ring a bell to you 🙂

This guy who played an important role in the 1998 cult classic MGS for the Playstation can really be called the “definition of a cyber ninja” with him being the typical assassine guy without showing his face and wearing a katana blade as so often seen in other video games before and after.

Gray Fox however is using some sort of exo-skelett which increased his abilities by far..making him superhuman like.

And goddamn..just one big lense instead of eyes?

This fan art which illustraters is kinda creepy looks in a flawless way was created by Sixfrid from Chile. This is the first artwork by him featured on Game-Art-HQ but i am pretty sure it won’t stay the only one. Take a good look at his portfolio at dA!