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Castlevania Symphony of the Night catapulted the Castlevania Series back to be one of the more known video game series back in 1997 and is till today known as one of the best mixes of exploring, platforming and storytelling in video games.

Even a genre “metroidvania games” was named after Castlevania SOTN to describe the “find an item which gives you a new ability, go back and explore new parts of a level of a game you did not reach before” gameplay you can find in the Metroid games as well as SOTN (and in the most if its sequels).

Josh Burns from the USA drew the main protagonists of the game, Alucard, Richter Belmont and Maria Renard here in his style in 2010 already and it was not made for our Castlevania Tribute but i thought it would be a shame to not include it.

Josh plans to draw more Castlevania Art in the future and who knows, maybe our Project will go into a second chapter and this time he will be onboard as a official participant 🙂

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