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Castlevania-Tribute---Order of Ecclesia

Please click on this Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia artwork to see it in fullsize, due to technical limitation we can’t show the big version directly here


This Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia entry for our Castlevania Art Tribute is probably the most epic and detailed entry made for it. It illustrates the main character Shanoa as well as many enemies from the game and even the stages too.

Efraimrdz from Mexico, the artist behind this massive work had the following to say about his entry:

“Finally!!! Here is my Tribute to the Art Tribute of Castlevania for Game-Art-HQ!

And for so important anniversary I made three different scenes and at the same time an insanely long one XD

I choose Shanoa ’cause she’s my favorite vampire hunter, her weapons are magically created with her dominion of Glyphs and she can even become different monsters to fight “fire with fire”

She’s fighting the classic enemies from the Castlevania games like the skeletons, mermans, zombies, etc. I’ve also added recurring things from the castlevania series like the moneybags, coins and even hearts.

You can also see that each scene describes a different place from the Castlevania games.


Edit: Modelled every part from zero using the official artworks from the castlevania games as reference for the colors, the characters and scenario, digitally enchanced post render.”


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