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Castlevania Tribute - Annette as Succubus in Rondo of Blood

Click to enlarge the Artwork of Annette from Castlevania Rondo of Blood

Annette the Girlfriend of Richter Belmont before the story of Castlevania: Rondo of Blood was abducted together with other women by the antagonists of the game.

If Richter fails to rescue her, she will be changed into a so called “Lesser Vampire” and well, poor Richter has to battle his former Love.

The Castlevania Story is full of tragic moments and events, but this one stood out, especially in the mid nineties when video games were not yet playing as often with the emotions of the player and the game heroes as today.

Annette in her Succubus form here was drawn for our Castlevania Tribute by Jessica Gelly aka Sylphide2 from France.


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