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Castlevania Tribute - Trevor Belmont in Castlevania III vs the Cyclops

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Castlevania III vs Cyclops Stage 3 Boss Fight

Okay, we have the direct comparison here, and the Cyclops Boss from the third stage in Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse was not THAT big as Ripley4077 draw him.

But for the entry of our Castlevania Art Tribute it looks really great that way, and i am sure that if Castlevania would have been on the SNES instead of the NES we would have a three times bigger Cyclops at least!

This makes me wish for a graphical much improved remake of Castlevania III 2D though.

Also Kudos to that impression of Trevor’s face, i am glad we have a few funny images in our Castlevania Tribute too 🙂

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