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Castlevania Tribute - Alucard Lords of Shadow 2

Click to see the artwork of Alucard in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 in fullsize

Alucard is probably the most popular Castlevania protagonist beside Simon and Gabriel Belmont today.

Since Castlevania: Symphony of the Night back on the original Playstation, fans asked for a new game with him and it looks (nothing was 100% confirmed yet) that Alucard is in Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, a game in which the story of Gabriel Belmont who turned into the mighty Lord Dracula is told in a journey through the time.

There are no details given and the only hint for Alucard so far was given in one of the early trailers for the game.

This motivated Sayakupo from Canada who is as excited for the game as myself to draw him in his new design (he looks a bit younger than in SOTN).

This portray of Alucard was not directly made for our Castlevania Art Tribute, but when i saw it last year i thought this needs to be in, and Sayakupo liked the Idea!

She draws a ton of interesting fan art including many game characters not drawn so often, visit her gallery on dA if you want to see more like this one, i also hope she will participate in a future Game Art HQ Art Jam 🙂


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