Hi, i have to make a really unwanted step on Game Art HQ due to the new Google Image Search which not only reduced our number of daily visitors largely but also prevents that it is even seen who made a game art piece and why. The entries for the Legend of Zelda “Link’s Blacklist” are totally out of context, the descriptions by the artists unseen since the most people at google now just watch the images instead visiting the websites they are from.

To prevent this a bit in the future, the artworks here on Game Art HQ will all get watermarks from now on. There will actually be two versions now. One with a small Game Art HQ watermark in one of the corners, these will be the versions shown here on the website. There will also be second versions with a large watermark and text like “You have to visit Game Art HQ to visit the original version”. Something like that. These versions will only be visible on the Google search and not here on Game Art HQ.


Reinhold Hoffmann

Game Art HQ.Com Founder & Admin