Zelda WW HD Forbidden Woods

Zelda WW: Forbidden Woods

Link Milk Zelda WWHD

Zelda WW: The Bottle Of Milk?

Zelda Wind Waker WiiU Earth Temple

Zelda WW: The Earth Temple

Igos Du Ikana

Zelda WW: Igos Du Ikana


Zelda Wind Waker was announced for the WiiU as a HD remake via a Nintendo direct which was a nice coincedence since i planned this little special about the Polish Artist Starfoch and his Zelda Wind Waker and Minish Cap related fan art a good while ago but sheduled it for today since he celebrated his birthday yesterday!

Happy Birthday Starfoch!

Beside these works here, Starfoch also participated in our big “Link’s Blacklist” Tribute with an entry about the Re-Dead from Zelda Ocarina of Time and i am sure we see more from him here in the future too!

Beside that, a WiiU real Remake of Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask would be super awesome or?

I hope the Wind Waker HD is not just an upscaling job, because if it is..its more or less the same as playign Wind Waker via the Gamecube and Wii Emulator “Dolphin” which made “Zelda WW HD” Graphics possible already years ago.


^Click to enlarge the screenshot of Zelda WW for the WiiU HD Remake^

Wind Waker HD Remake

Zelda WW: Link and Aryll

Zelda Minish Cap Vaati

Zelda Minish Cap: Hey Vaati, wanna fuse?