Super Street Fighter IV was released in 2010 is more an upgrade of SFIV but was released as a new standalone game, it had 10 new characters, a few new stages and changes for just all characters.

The two new comers Hakan and especially Juri Han were very well received by the fighting game community , the returning characters like Guy, Cody, Adon, and the SF III characters Dudley Makoto and Ibuki as well.

You know what fans with the talent to draw do? Yes, they draw their favourite games..and that’s what this gallery is about!

super street fighter iv juri vs bison

The new character Juri Han shows Bison who the new boss is

Super Street Fighter IV Art by its Fans

Sakura vs Guy  Street Fighter IV Fighter

Sakura Kasugano vs. Guy


Cammy White vs Juri Han