Sonic Adventure was one of the launch games for the Sega Dreamcast 1998 in Japan, and probably the biggest argument beside Virtua Fighter 3TB at that time to buy the new console.

It delivered graphics not seen before and catapulted the Sonic the Hedgehog series into the third dimension with a fast, fun and addictive new game.

It got high praised back in ’98 and ’99 when it was released in the USA and Europe too and even today it is still a really fun game every Sonic fan should consider to grab. I think its available in its “DX” edition at Steam and XBL.

I am sure this gallery will grow a bit after the start made by Joel Sousa and his tribute to the Emerald Coast stage which you can see on the screenshot as well.

Sonic Adventure Screen 1

Sonic Adventure Art made by its Fans

Sonic Adventure Art