Kabal MK9 Kabal MK9 Kabal MK9 Fatality

Kabal MK9 Portrait Mortal Kombat Tribute

This is Kabal in his standard Costume which was a bit redesigned for Mortal Kombat 9.

His clothes got more details than ever before, and his many scars and burned skin are now easy to see, especially during his opener and the fatalities.

During the events of the story mode, it is explained how Police Officer Kabal is getting attacked and almost killed by the forces of the Outworld. Kano, who seemed to know Kabal from the past as a Black Dragon Member made it possible for Kabal to live, but with the big cost that he looks dead than living.

Kabal MK9 Render

Esau Murga who has drawn a lot of Mortal Kombat characters before and whose Mortal Kombat artworks are known in the MK community submitted Kabal as his second entry for our Mortal Kombat Art Tribute.



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Kabal MK9 Portrait


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