Iron Giant Enemy Art  from Final Fantasy VII by Overonehundred

The Iron Giants are truly giant enemies in Final Fantasy VII and all later FF games they made an appearance in, they look like giant emotionless armored guys with giant knives / swords and look like they can smash you in pieces in a few seconds.

OveroneHundred from the UK draw this one based on FFVII with a water colour look and illustrated the big size difference between Cloud and this mighty foe very well ūüôā


Excellent work here, OveroneHundred is luckily for us an active member of the Game Art HQ community and participated in multiple of our art tributes including the Final Fantasy I one as well as the Tekken I and 2 Tributes but i hope he continues trying out things related to the FF enemies like here with Iron Giant as well.

This one and the Midgard Zolom artwork i featured last week made me think about an art tribute about FF enemies …hmmmm…