The Witcher Art by_greyfoxhel

Geralt on the Road to Kaer Morhen  – forward into an adventure of epic dimensions

Kaer Morhen is an inaccessible mountain stronghold which has been the headquarters of the witchers’ guild for centuries. The name comes from the language of the elves — the original Caer a’Muirehen translates into Old Sea Fortress

Thats the official description of Kaer Morhen in a Journal in the first Witcher game which starts in mentioned stronghold. This beautiful artwork which is meant as an tribute to one of her favourite games, GreyFoxHel from Russia illustrates Kaer Morhen and probably a moment a short time before the Prologue of the game starts when Geralt, the Witcher was found unconscious and suffering from amnesia just outside the fortress.

This is the second game related fan art by GreyFoxHel featured on GAHQ now, please visit also her gallery at deviantART