Ulala Space Channel 5 Portrait

Ulala, the main character from the Space Channel 5 games and lately a playable character in the Sega Allstars games too is both a beautiful and funny character i think, and it is great to see that artists are still drawing her from time to time.

This Ulala Portrait here was drawn by Tom Waterhouse from the UK who had the following to say about his work:

I used to draw loads of SC5 stuff but got embarrassed at the quantity of incredibly camp characters I was drawing, so I stopped. But that’s a stupid reason. Space Channel 5 is my guiltiest of guilty pleasures and never fails to make me smile. Actually, music games as a whole genre are my guilty pleasure.

Anyway, I wanted to draw Ulala’s great character in a more realistic style. So she’s still got her pinched face with the big eyes and tiny nose, but I feeling a bit more real I hope.

Great work again, Tom..you sure are a big Sega fan and know how to treat those characters like Ulala 😉

If you like Tom’s style, check out his website 2dForever.com too