Chespin Igamaro Original Render 

That about is Chespin..the just revealed Grass Type Pokemon from the upcoming Pokemon Y and X where it is one of the three new starter Pokemons

That to the right in the beautiful artwork by the German artist Chaluny is Chespin also..but with a way different look ūüôā

I asked Chaluny about it and her inspirations, and her answer was that she believes that the official Pokemon design of Chespin leaves a lot open for interpretations, like the thorn looking parts at its head, are they ears? are they something to defend itself?

In general she also tries to interpret the Pokemon (Poki’s) a bit more realistic because some details are looking so weird sometimes like items which are attached to their heads etc.

Excellent work there and kudos to Chaluny for one of the nicest early artworks of Chespin! Now we have to wait only 10 months more till the new Pokemon games arrive on the 3ds!

Chespin Re-Design