After the artwork with the X and Y Chromosomes theory featured today in the Pokémon Y & X Art Special, here we have another one which relates the Y to the Yggdrasil, also known as the Tree of Life and a very important element of the nothern / viking mythology.

Let’s see what Whitestar1802 the artist behind this wrote by himself about his work!:

Well, this started when I noticed after drawing Xerneas that if you placed the “veins” on Yveltals body between Xerneas’ antlers, it looked somewhat like a tree to me. They also mentioned a DNA theme, and going back to the tree I noticed before, I had the idea of using the Tree of Life. But I wasn’t sure how to make it work. The next day, they released their names and I immediately thought “Yveltal/Xerneas, sounds Celtic or Nordic”, and I thought of using a Celtic theme and tying everything together into a storybook-like illustration. After that, every element just fell into place until I knew this was what I was going to draw…and then I saw this article. And I was even more happy I decided to go with the theme of a giant tree.


I must admit this theory about the X and Y makes sense too and i really wonder what the explanation for XY and maybe the legendary Pokémon will be..i can’t wait to see more of the sixth generation!

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