Final Fantasy is a role playing game released for the NES released in 1987, and got ported to many other consoles including remakes of it for the Sony Playstation, GBA and Playstation Portable.

I guess nobody thought this rpg would be such a successful game and the start of one of the most popular video game series of today.

 Did you know that the game was developed by only 7 people? Todays Final Fantasy games take 200+ people to make them!

 I really wonder how many Final Fantasy I related really good fan art will be on this page when it is 6 or 12 months old, since the most fans still draw mostly Final Fantasy VII related characters and scenes. Blackorboo did another great one for FF I though with his 4 Warriors of Light one above.

Final Fantasy Screen

Final Fantasy I Art by its Fans

Final Fantasy Anniversary by_blackorb00

by Blackorb00

FFI Monk Job Class Comic by Jamal Campbell

by Jamal Campbell

Final Fantasy I Artwork by_blackorb00

by Blackorb00