Rydia Pin Up Art by_robaato small

Rydia is one of the protagonists in Final Fantasy IV and its direct sequel FFIV: The Later Years. During the Game she is first introduced as a seven year old girl, but  later as a young woman with a different appearance.  This design is what we see here in Robert “Robaato” Porter‘s fan art which he called “I’m a Big Girl Now!”

Rydia always was one of the more sexy looking Final Fantasy girls, and the oversea releases of the game even got her artworks censored.

Great work Robert, your art is wonderful!

If you like this fan art of Rydia, i recommend you strongly to visit Robaato’ s gallery there at DeviantART as well. While his big focus of the gallery is about Capcom related stuff (he is a Udon member) there is a ton of other game art as well!