This is the obgliatory “support us , we need ya monies!” page. Because yeah..there are server costs,  and i am working hours every day on this website and would love to be able to give artists nice prizes for art contests a few times in the year. I also fear that i need to change to a bigger server sooner or later, the visitor number is growing and growing, and it might reach the point when it is too much for the current server. Long speech, short sense, you can support Game Art HQ and with that me, the single admin and guy for everything GBK with the following ways:


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 If you want to buy games or anything else at or play-asia (both are really good to buy video games) click on the following ads before, ..this means i get some cents/bucks from those companies IF you buy something from there in the next hours after clicking…that costs you nothing but helps me getting the servercosts together.