Udon hold a MegaMan art contest a while ago, the prize for the participating artist was that their entries would be published in their MegaMan Tribute book.

A ton of awesome entries were created by artists worldwide, and while i saw that a lot of them never draw something MegaMan before and after and thought they are most likely not really MegaMan fans or even gamers, Hanzo Steinbach from Germany, the artist behind this MegaMan Series Art Tribute is both for sure.

His entry here made it into the MegaMan Tribute Book and on dA nearly 500 people faved it.

Excellent work Hanzo, the feedback was well earned!

Hanzo who participated in our GAHQ Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Tribute as well has a gallery on dA just full with really good game related art, be sure to check it out if you like this piece.


MegaMan Characters Tribute Art by Hanzo Steinbach

Click on the artwork to enlarge it please!