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Eddy Shinjuku

Kuala Lumpur

With multiple game related artworks

GAHQ Tag: Class34

DeviantART Self taught professional hobbyist who is very talented
Kevin Yap

Kevin Yap

So far with the Pokemon art you see to the left

GAHQ Tag: Kevin Yap

DeviantART Talented professional artist who draws all kinds of things
Nic Goh

Nic “Accuracy0” Goh

Kuala Lumpur

with almost all his game related artworks as well as his Mech Gouki submission to our Street Fighter tribute!

GAHQ Tag: Nic Goh

DeviantART Art student with a very promising style to draw
Santa Fung

Santa Fung

Petaling Jaya

With all his game related art

GAHQ Tag: Santa Fung

DeviantART Professional Artist with an awesome portfolio