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So far only with one entry for the Mega Man 1 Tribute

GAHQ Tag: Blopa1987

DeviantART Student, has a nice talent, draw a lot Kirby, MegaMan and Zelda related fan art
Cristian Arrieta Correa

Cristian Arrieta Correa

Born in 1990

So far with his Sub Zero fan art

GAHQ Tag: Cristian Arrieta Correa

DeviantART A sekf taught hobbyist who is really good at a lot of different motives for drawn art

Gonzalo Ordóñez Arias  aka. Genzoman

With the most of his game related artworks

GAHQ Tag: Genzoman

DeviantART Gonzalo is one of the most popular video game artist on dA, part of the UDON Team and created a lot stuff for Capcom and other game companies in the past


With nearly all game related works by him

GAHQ Tag: Predatorhunter79

DeviantART Beside being a gifted artist, he is also a big Mortal Kombat fan



With their Mortal Kombat Art and a bit more

GAHQ Tag: xamoel

DeviantART Maximiliano and Leonardo are the 2nd twin team featured on GAHQ, their MK character select screens are epic.