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So far only with a Zombie Dhalsim but there will be more

GAHQ Tag: Darkeyez07

DeviantART Very talented hobbyist and a big fighting game fan
Francis Lim

Francis Lim

Age: Born in 1985

With multiple of his artworks, participated also in multiple GAHQ Art Contests and Projects like the Street Fighter Tribute

GAHQ Tag: Francis Lim

 DeviantART Francis is a professional artist as well as a big fighting game fan


so far only with 1 contribution to the MegaMan I Tribute which you can see on the left

GAHQ Tag: Imbisibol

DeviantART A hobbyist with great talent who is also a big MegaMan fan
Jay Tablante

Jay Tablante

Quezon City

with so far one Cosplay Photo

GAHQ Tag: Jay Tablante

DeviantART Jay is a professional photograph and also fan of many games
Ruben Devela

Ruben Devela

with almost all his game related artworks

GAHQ Tag: Ruben Devela

DeviantART Professional Artist with a cool style as well as great concept ideas, sadly not active on the game related front lately
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