I must admit that i have not played any Mass Effect game yet, and had to visit a few videos and the Mass Effect Wiki to know a bit more about the games and characters like Jack / Jennifer, or Jaqueline Nought.

From what i read and saw she must be quite a handsome, bad-ass and character in the games.

My first impression when i saw images of Jack were that she looks beautiful, sexy and i just had to google for cosplays of her ūüėČ

She also reminded me at the legendary egyptian great royal wife Nefertiti, who got more or less famous in current time due to a bust sculpture which was copied many thousand times now and i am sure the most of you have seen it somewhere. Nefertiti stands for ageless female beauty and i would be surprised if she was not used as a reference of the character designer(s) of Jack.

Speaking about beautiful things, this painting of Jack in her Mass Effect 3 look is for sure one of the most beautiful paintings i have seen for video game characters in general.

Anna Martindale from London, England who is a big fan of Jack created something great here, i recommend to see her work in full size and also take a good look at her gallery on deviantart!

Jack from Mass Effect 3